Tired of Nosey People?

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Nosey People

Are You Tired of Nosey People?


So am I! Some people always put their nose in your business no matter how or what you do. I have researched some ways to get rid of the NOSEY people in your life. Sometimes that is hard to do, especially on the social network systems we have today. Some of these people are just jealous that you are more educated and take control of your life. They try to find ways of tearing you down rather than do something productive themselves.

There are only so many ways you can say ” Go take a Long Walk on a Short Pier“. These type of people just keep sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong. They try to make themselves “Keepers of the World” , it will eventually catch up to them, you know, (karma). It has to be that they have no life of their own or maybe they are hell bent on being “Drama Queens“.

Some people become so nosey because they want to compare their progress in life to others in order to feel Good about themselves. Those people are usually passive, they do little effort to improve their lives and they gain their sense of superiority by asking about others and collecting their news in order to feel good about themselves when they find that they have achieved more than them!! So in fact most nosey people are nosey because they want to feel good about themselves.

Because most nosey people aren’t doers, they try to achieve their goal of superiority without doing much effort. When nosey people hear about someone who became very successful they try to dig behind his success not to learn from him but to prove to themselves that he is not that successful or that he succeeded by luck. Again their actions have one purpose which is making them feel good about themselves without doing any effort.

Sometimes a person becomes nosey in order to devalue someone else. That’s only a passive way for achieving superiority.

  1. Some people work hard to feel good about themselves.
  2. Others work hard to devalue successful people in order to feel good about themselves.

Nosey people usually use the second strategy because they are usually clueless about the right way to achieve success.

Let’s try to list a few things that will help you be rid of these nosy pests or at least make them tolerable.

  • If you don’t know the nosey person, well then just ignore them. After all you should pity them instead of feeling bad, for they are looking day and night for any clue that can make them feel good about themselves.
  • Be Vague: If they continue to interrupt your posts or harass you on a social network like Facebook… politely remove them as a friend them ( a friend doesn’t do this), if they aren’t listed as a friend, go to their wall and Remove and BLOCK them! If they are in person, do not give them any information of very little as politely as you can.
  • Act Uncertain: If they ask you about your life… tell them if they are writing a book, leave that chapter out. If they inquire about your weekend, let them know you’re not sure about it and that’s why you’re meeting with your friend to plan things.
  • Be Noncommittal: It seems lots of nosey people like to invite themselves to go along. If they ask that they can come too, let them know you still haven’t gotten the details down as to how many people will be allowed to come depending on the space provided.
  • Take Charge of the Situation: If they don’t get the hint after that, be a little more strong with them, and tell them, “I’m sorry I’m in a rush to get going, on a project/going to lunch, and pretend like you didn’t hear them as you run off to where ever. If you are in a group, work place or business, make a visit to your admin, manager or supervisor and ask for more help.
  • If they ask you cross-examination style questions, jokingly say “When did you become a cop?“, then quickly change direction of the conversation to you, a friend or family member knowing a cop, and start discussing what they think, all the while getting ready for a toilet break (nudge nudge).
  • Be concise and to the point. You do not have to give them all the details and also be honest. Choose carefully who you indulge all the information or details, this is true in any walk of life.
  • If you are unsure or don’t want them to know what you are doing, don’t lie to them, tell them to mind their own business, or get defensive, just say “I don’t know”. Sometimes it can be enough to hush them up. If they persist, just carry on saying I don’t know. Eventually, they will stop asking. Lying and getting defensive only makes them think you have something to hide and it can cause the nosey person(s) to bother you more or get angry. They are not worth the hassle at all.
  • If they ask you questions that lead you to divulging sensitive information, don’t give the information out. Just say you don’t know or you can’t remember and go to your admin, parents, boss, supervisor, friend, or any person you trust when the nosey person(s) are not about.
  • Tell them as little as possible about you, your friends and your family’s sensitive information and business. This goes for letters, email, instant messaging, as well as face-to-face. Beware, as their questions can be ingredients and recipes for them to gossip and blab! Especially on social networking like Facebook and other social networks.
  • If you catch someone going through your personal possessions, (Examples – Going through your diary, looking through your drawers, private papers, emails, documents, etc.) challenge him or her by asking what are they doing or say, “Can I help you there?”. If you are brave enough, say in a calm voice, “Please ask my permission before looking through my private possessions.” Be calm. If you get angry or on the defensive, it could be taken as a signal that you have something to hide.
  • Never waste time and energy, trying to figure out why some people stick their noses in other peoples business, because you just might end up like them in the process!
  • Always remember that Your Personal matters are always a subject of entertainment for others. Don’t give in to them and don’t divulge any information they can use.
  • The Biggest Fool is one who minds the business of others rather than minding their very own.

If all else fails… maybe share this picture with them ;-)

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